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Privacy Policy and User Agreement

Last Update: February 26th 2016

This document is the privacy policy and user agreement for the website www.callionica.com/speaks and the iOS app SPEAKS. Both the site and app are owned and operated by Callionica LLC.

In this document, "we", "us", and "our" refer to Callionica LLC. "You" and "your" refer to users of the SPEAKS app and/or the www.callionica.com/speaks website.

We reserve the right to update this privacy policy and user agreement at any time without notice except as required by law. We'll update the date above to show when the policy was last updated.

Personal Information

We believe that who you are and how you use the SPEAKS app or website is your own business. Our business is writing great software, not spying on you or selling your information. We've designed the app and this website so that your information is not shared with us unwittingly:

In short, we consider your use of the app to be private and we don't track you or details of how you use the app. But read on because it's important that you understand how the SPEAKS app interacts with 3rd party websites and how we might end up obtaining your personal information through technical support requests or public statements you make.

3rd Party Websites

SPEAKS is primarily intended to be used with content from 3rd party websites. The privacy policies and other terms of use for those websites are governed by the 3rd party companies, organisations, and individuals that own and run those sites. Any agreements relating to your privacy and accessing that content are between you and them. We have no responsibility or liability for their content or their policies. We have no responsibility or liability for your use of the app. Please respect user agreements with the websites that you use. Obtaining a license for the app does not give you special rights to access content from 3rd parties that you would not otherwise have access to. SPEAKS is just a different way of consuming content that you already have rights to view. In this regard SPEAKS is the same as a regular web browser like Safari or Chrome, or an assistive technology like Safari Reader.

We expect you to provide most content to the SPEAKS app through the Safari web browser. In that case, SPEAKS obtains only raw HTML from Safari. The interaction between the 3rd party website and your device is entirely handled by Safari. Cookies are negotiated between Safari and the 3rd party website. In this case, the SPEAKS app never contacts the 3rd party website. It doesn't know anything about the cookies used with that website. All it sees is the HTML page that Safari gives it.

You can also provide simple URLs to the SPEAKS app. (This is what happens when you share to the SPEAKS app from the Chrome web browser for example.) In this case, the SPEAKS app functions like a web browser in that it makes a request to the original website for the URL that you chose. It makes these requests under your direction. It is a user agent that acts on your behalf. The request goes directly from your machine to the 3rd party website. The content flows directly back from the 3rd party to your machine. In this case, 3rd party cookies may be received, stored, and sent by the SPEAKS app when 3rd party web sites set them.

Whether the request comes through the Safari app or the SPEAKS app, the request is triggered by your actions and the policies governing privacy and your interactions with a 3rd party site are between you and that 3rd party.

Technical Support

If you contact us for support (such as through email or Twitter), we will use your contact information only for support. Any other information you provide will be used for support and also to operate and improve our website and app. We will keep your contact information and details of your request in a secured support database for up to 1 year.

Public Statements

If you make public statements about your use of the app or website, we may gather that information to operate and improve our website and app and also for marketing purposes. Examples of public statements about your use of the app include blog posts and tweets that mention the app or website (including tweets that contain relevant hashtags).

Sharing Personal Information with 3rd Parties

If and when we obtain personal information about you (whether you provide that information directly or we gather it indirectly through public statements), we will not share it with third parties except in the following situations:

  1. as required by law in response to a warrant, court order, or similar legal ruling;
  2. to exercise our legal rights, defend against legal claims, or protect our rights or property;
  3. with your permission;

As a side-effect of operating the website on standard technologies and using Amazon Web Services for DNS and web hosting, non-personal information (such as your browser version and your IP address) may be collected and logged according to Amazon's policies and practices (for example, Amazon could use this information to protect against attacks on their service and to know how much to bill us). We don't enable additional logging and we only use this information to run the site.

Children Under 13

Our website and app are not aimed at children under the age of 13.

We don't accept technical support requests from children under the age of 13.

We don't store the personal information of anyone we know to be under 13.

We don't store any information provided by anyone we know to be under 13.

Your Consent

By using the SPEAKS app or www.callionica.com/speaks website, you consent to this privacy policy and user agreement.


If you have any questions about our privacy policies or have reason to believe we are holding personal information provided by or about anyone under the age of 13, please email privacy@callionica.com.