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SPEAKS from Callionica

A text-to-speech app and a clean, fast offline web reader for iPhone and iPad

SPEAKS from Callionica lets you listen to the web using high quality text-to-speech.

We're serious about pronunciation.

And you don't even need to be online.

SPEAKS can pronounce names and concepts from the worlds of film, science, art, literature, politics, and sport.

SPEAKS is a great way to read and listen to the web.

Save articles from the web to your device to listen to now or later.

If it's in SPEAKS, it's on your device and you can hear it or read it any time. Even if you don't have an internet connection.

Find, hear, and read all your content using only your thumb.

Great for commuting or relaxing at home.

SPEAKS from Callionica can accept web pages from your browser, from Twitter, or from any app that supports iOS sharing.

And you can share from SPEAKS too. Full support for sending the URL, entire article, or selected text to other apps means you can let friends know about the stuff that interests you without leaving the app.

SPEAKS doesn't download images, scripts, or trackers, so it helps you stay under your data cap, conserves your storage space, and doesn't distract you from the great content you want to hear or read.

SPEAKS even allows you to prevent updates to articles you've already downloaded. If you choose, you can make sure that SPEAKS never downloads an article more than once.

SPEAKS has been designed for the best speech quality that we enhance and customize in thousands of ways. SPEAKS analyzes the text and adjusts the prosody and pronunciation so that the reading sounds as natural and fluent as possible. And you can customize the reading by choosing one of four speech styles: Standard, High Energy, Newsreader, and Storyteller. Each style gives a different flavor to the reading.

YES! SPEAKS from Callionica supports Split View multitasking on supported devices.

SPEAKS adds another dimension to the web: it reads web pages aloud to you.