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In which you learn that I'm a software developer

I'm an experienced multi-language software developer. I've written code professionally for iOS, Windows, and the web in C++, C#, Objective-C, Objective-C++, JavaScript, SQL, Python, X++, and Visual Basic. (I currently write most of my code in C++ on iOS). I used to work at Microsoft, as a result code that I've worked on is currently running on hundreds of millions of machines across the world. I founded Callionica, my own company, where I design and develop iOS apps. I have 6 iOS apps currently in the App Store (available to be installed on hundreds of millions of machines across the world).

I take a broad view of software development having worked in different disciplines within software development engineering (development, design, QA, and user education); having worked in different software categories (developer tools, business software, and consumer); having been an individual contributor, a technical mentor, a manager of a small team, and having coordinated work across teams on multiple continents; and having worked at companies small and large (from one employee to thirty to a hundred thousand). To me "software development" is all the work that needs to get done to build a software product or service, whether it's design, architecture, coding, technical mentoring, or managing a team or project.

I encourage you to contact me at I'm currently available to help you design, architect, implement, or lead your software development project.


The TLDR of my work history and education


Dates and events in my curriculum vitae



Developer, Designer, Founder

iOS apps: SPEAKS, READS, Links, Multiverse, Soccer Aloud, Conjugations ES



Senior SDET

MBS Dynamics AX Product-wide Test Data


Microsoft Denmark

SDE Test Lead

MBS Dynamics AX Control / Cost Accounting

Software Development Engineer in Test

MBS Dynamics AX



Software Development Engineer

Visual C++ Libraries - Managed CRT, native CRT + some std:: libs

Programmer Writer

Visual C++ Libraries - ATL and ATL Server


Wrox Press


ATL COM & Visual C++ books

Senior Technical Editor

COM, C++, Visual Basic books; authoring tools



BSc Mathematical Physics, University of Nottingham, UK


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