Conjugations ES 1.1 - What's New - Audio

Conjugations ES provides a fantastic way to view Spanish verbs. In Conjugations ES 1.1, we've added the following features:

Let's take a closer look at the new audio features.


We believe that letting you see and hear Spanish at the same time helps you understand, remember, and learn Spanish more effectively. Starting with Conjugations ES version 1.1, you can hear the Spanish pronunciation of any of the 3000 Spanish verbs included in the app.

All you have to do is long press on a tense in Conjugations ES, and the app will speak all forms in that tense using the accent of your choice. Just hold your finger down until you see a response on the screen and you'll hear Spanish spoken for the item you've selected. If you want to hear a new tense before the speech for the current tense has finished, long press on the other tense. Conjugations ES will interrupt the current speech and start speaking Spanish for the new tense.

By using the speech engine and voices built in to every iOS device, we're able to give you a choice of accent. You can choose to hear European Spanish pronunciation or Latin American Spanish pronunciation. We'll pick up the Spanish pronunciation you prefer from your system-wide language preferences.

If you like to listen to music while you study Spanish or listen to podcasts while you research Spanish verb conjugation, you can do that and still hear Conjugations ES speak Spanish when you choose. Start audio playing in another app and it will continue to play while you use Conjugations ES. When you decide you want to hear Spanish pronunciation, we'll lower the volume of the other audio automatically and bring it right back up when we're done speaking Spanish.

And if you want to be sure that Conjugations ES won't make a noise, you can use the Mute button or switch on your device.

You can also hear Spanish spoken in the new animation view using the same long press action. See our article on Animation for more details.

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