Conjugations ES 1.1 - What's New - Animation

Conjugations ES provides a fantastic way to view Spanish verbs. In Conjugations ES 1.1, we've added the following features:

Let's take a closer look at the new animation feature.


When you want to learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs, it can be useful to see the conjugation process in action. It's great to see the final verb forms, but when you're getting to grips with the conjugation rules for Spanish, it's even better to see each step taking you from the infinitive to the conjugated form. That's why we've introduced full-screen animations in Conjugations ES 1.1.

The new animation view in Conjugations ES shows the infinitive, mood, tense, number, and person at the top of the screen. The text in the center of the screen animates from the infinitive, through each stage of the conjugation process, to the final form of the verb. Along the bottom, we describe what each step is doing.

With the new animation, Conjugations ES is a great way to learn by example how to conjugate Spanish verbs.

You can display the animation by double-tapping a Spanish verb tense. The full-screen animation will show how all the tenses for that verb are formed starting with the tense you tapped on. The animation will loop through all the tenses for the current verb and keep looping. To stop the animation, tap once to go back to the Spanish verb view.

And you can even enable speech. Want to hear the Spanish pronounced while the animation plays? Just long press on the animation. Conjugations ES will speak each verb form as it appears on screen and we'll speed up the animation to match the speech. To stop the speech and slow the animation, just long press again.

Whether or not you choose to turn on speech, the animation view can be a great way to test yourself on Spanish conjugation. When speech is off, you have a certain amount of time before you see the final form of the verb. You can use that time to remember the correct form of the verb. Try to get the spelling correct. You'll quickly see if you've got it right. When speech is on, the challenge is increased - you'll have to be quick to say the verb along with Conjugations ES. You can use the visuals and audio at the same time or you can just rely on the audio to learn or practice a Spanish verb.

The new animation looks great up close on your device and it looks really awesome on a big screen using Apple TV. Use the iOS system controls to turn on AirPlay Mirroring, put your device in landscape orientation, and enjoy the show. For immersive Spanish learning, turn on speech in the animation to engage your ears and your eyes. If you're hosting a Spanish club, parent-teacher conference, or language fair, leave the speech turned off and the relaxed pace of the animation will provide an informative and relevant visual backdrop to your event without interfering with the conversation.

The new animation view can be used to:

  • Understand Spanish conjugation rules

  • Learn Spanish conjugation by example

  • Learn all the forms of a specific verb

  • Test your knowledge of Spanish verb forms (with speech on or off)

  • Learn all forms of a verb by listening (with speech on)

  • Provide an animated backdrop to your Spanish club, parent-teacher conference, or language fair