Conjugations ES 1.1 - What's New - Accessibility

Conjugations ES provides a fantastic way to view Spanish verbs. In Conjugations ES 1.1, we've added the following features:

Let's take a closer look at the enhancements we've made to VoiceOver accessibility.


New to Conjugations ES 1.1 is full VoiceOver support. VoiceOver is Apple's gesture-based screenreader that lets you enjoy iOS even if you can’t see the screen.

Conjugations ES now sounds great with VoiceOver. We've taken the time to ensure that all buttons and controls are labelled for accessibility and that everything is grouped for ease of use. For example, a tense is treated as a single unit. This means that (by default) a single tap will get VoiceOver to read the title and all forms in that tense. It also greatly simplifies navigating the app - a single horizontal swipe will take you to the next or previous tense.

We've also ensured that all elements are tagged with the correct language. That means that you'll hear Spanish spoken with a European Spanish accent or American Spanish accent, and English text spoken as English, just as you'd expect. You don't need to change your VoiceOver language for this - it's automatic.

All areas of the app are accessible to VoiceOver users, including the new animation feature. When VoiceOver users access the animation, it works just the same as when the animation plays with speech enabled. The rate of the animation is increased (compared to the silent animation) so that speech is the primary output. The feature is useful even if you can't see the screen. By double-tapping on a tense (the same gesture as when VoiceOver is off), you'll hear each item in that tense and all other tenses for that verb in a continuous loop. Double-tap again to return to the previous section.

Conjugations ES 1.1, like previous versions of the app, adjusts the size of its text based on your system-wide text settings. If you make changes to the system settings and want to see a similar change in Conjugations ES, please restart the app.

You can find more information on VoiceOver here: